“We loved the program, and we were incredibly grateful to be offered the opportunity to be a part of the show! The students were captivated by the creativity and storyline that this program had to offer. We had the best time creating our action clips! The directions you provided us with were incredibly clear. The Live Zoom Q&A was a wonderful experience. We loved how you continued the story during this Q&A and acted as though the students were on their journey. I would recommend Kit’s Interactive Theatre’s virtual shows 1,000 times over!”

“Kit’s virtual shows are a MUST for your school if in person cannot be achieved. The students were actively engaged during the program and were excited to see their own teachers in the show. The action clips were very easy to record and did not take long at all! It was extremely helpful having the video of exactly what Kit had in mind for the action and/or lines. I always would recommend Kit’s Interactive Theatre Shows to others, both in person and virtually!”

“Kitty’s videos far exceeded our expectations. They will provide students with a fun and educational experience during their time of remote learning.”

“The quality of the show was what I would expect from Kitty – professionally done and FUN! I highly recommend her programs. She is consistently requested for return performances”.