Can you do two different shows in one day?
Yes, I often do one show for k-2nd and a different show for 3rd-5th.

Can you do three different shows in one day?

How long are the shows?
Programs run approximately 45 minutes

How much time do you need in between shows?
I need 15 minutes if you are repeating the same show….I need ½ hour if you are changing the show

What do you need from us?
Nothing – I bring all that I need

Do you need a stage?
No, I prefer to perform on the floor. But if I’m elevated, I need steps front and center if possible

We have a small school that’s k-5th, do you have any shows that work for all grade levels?
Yes, I have many shows that work for a broad range of grade levels

What is the preferred group size?
With schools, I prefer an approx. 200 student max

How much time do you need to set up?
I need to be in my space 1 ¼ hour before my first show

Do you require a deposit?

What if it snows?
We will reschedule a make-up in the first available day